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I began off in art college, my major was Graphic Design and Illustration for Children’s Books. I lived the nomadic artist life for a few years living and painiting in Italy and Switzerland and really broadened my horizons. I began to do photorealistic work using an airbrush and dry brushing techniques. I dabbled in design for a while, but the desk life wasn’t for me. Fast forward a few years and I’m back painting large scale backdrops for theatre and film and doing 40 foot murals in every corner of Ireland. Behind the scenes, Calligraphy was always a great love of mine and I was never not writing and journaling my favourite quotes in a cursive script – I had a real “grá” for it, as we say in the West of Ireland. Add in an injury which shook my confidence painting at a height, and further education in digital marketing and story telling and my career took a turn once again. I began writing for two different digital magazine giants in Ireland which in turn led me to an extremely high powered role in Ireland’s leading aviation company. I was the envy of many, and loved every minute, but the “grá” never left my side. I packed it all in eventually to do what I love. 
And I haven’t looked back once. 
I hired a painter to help me on a job this one time and that guy is my husband now, and the father of our little flower child, Bodhi Ocea.
If you are here this long reading “the short version” of my story, I can tell we are going to be good friends. 

because I love a good story, especially a…

colaiste acla mural

Colaiste Acla Mural Project.

A snippet of a large scale mural project I worked on.

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