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Mrs. O’D – The Love Story

I met Ruairi when we were 18 he was friends with my cousin, I got him to come to my 18th because I thought he was rather good looking! Needless to say I panicked, couldn’t speak 2 words to him and the night ended and that was it. Seen him about a few times, stalked him on Bebo but nothing every happened. Ruairi moved to Belfast for college and I lived at home down in Meath. Ruairi is from the same town as my Dad in Tyrone so our paths crossed again, some five or six years later.


There was a big dinner dance on for my Dads and Ruairis GAA club.Dad pleaded with me to go to try meet a nice Tyrone boy. Me and my friend got a free weekend in Bundoran so that was all I thought about at the time!So needless to say Ruairi was there, but a little tipsy, as was I as I was trying to build up some courage. We chatted and had the craic but nothing more.

Casually hanging her bykarenforde in the grounds of her venue. Love my brodes.

The next day I just thought feck it even if he doesn’t reply I have to try. I found him on Facebook, step up from Bebo! Messaged him, “how’s the head today?” And some sixty odd messages later we finally got a date organised. After a year and half of him driving to me and me up to Belfast again my feck it attitude came again and I moved to Belfast! I lived by myself at first and we had date nights where he would pick me up and drop me off as opposed to counting down to the next weekend we would see each other. I struggled a bit, missed my family and friends but Ruairi was so supportive and helped me through it which just made me love him even more. We bought our first house a year or so later and as all couples who live together we has ups and downs I’d I have to say mainly up

Skip forward another year, just after Christmas Ruairi took me away for a weekend to Bundoran back to the hotel where we met again at the dinner dance. We went for a walk along the cliff, which I wasn’t too keen on it was Baltic and windy! We walked up and Ruairi was his usual cool calm collected self so I never seen what was coming. I love a good selfie so as I was snapping away Ruairi said “walk over there I’ll take a picture” so I did, and as I turned back around there he was on 1 knee! Not a safe place to propose, I nearly fell off the cliff! When I finally managed to breath and speak I said yes!!!!We got married a year later and moved back to the town Ruairi and my Dad are from.


So Dad got his way, I met a nice Tyrone boy and even married him! Something he likes to take credit for!Our life together has given me such a yolo attitude as if I hadn’t of taken a chance messaging him on Facebook would we be here today who knows! 

The finished design on the morning of the wedding.

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